Our mortgages begin at $50,000 and go up to $6 million. We can finance up to 70% of purchase price or current market value in most cases. Typically, for a B.C. mortgage, we require at least 30% equity in the property to serve as collateral. For commercial real estate private money loans, we also require at least 30% equity in a property.

Traditional banks tend to turn away numerous quality borrowers due to overly strict guidelines and sometimes simple mismanagement.

Where some lenders turn away, we have developed a strong niche by making quick decisions and establishing reliable funding sources for the borrowers having unique needs. We offer loans on our own guidelines with private funds, sometimes referred to as private money, to give you the freedom you need to pursue the real estate of your dreams.

If you have wanted to borrow funds against your property but felt you had no options, contact us today and we'll have an answer for you A.S.A.P.